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In the Fast Lane, but going nowhere fast? Exit here for an Online Advertising Transformation!

At Black Diamond Leads, we live for this CHANGE. Whether it’s trustworthy traffic sources, creative ads, or focused targeting, we’re on top of the ever changing world of internet marketing.
With our network of resources we provide the expertise in optimized, online marketing programs tailor made for each campaign.

Black Diamond Lead’s TARGETED strategies focus only IDEAL customers.

We understand every Advertiser’s needs are unique, requiring pin-point targeting of the RIGHT customers in the RIGHT environment. Our two pronged process creates a strategy that allows for delivering quality leads at the optimized cost. Let’s get started! Fill out our quick questionaire to get a free analysis of how your Advetising campaign can reach it’s full potential.

Looking for qualified, proven PPC experts?

Black Diamond Leads is a certified Google Partner:


We have a certified Google Adwords Professional and a Bing Adcenter Professional on staff,as well:

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Looking for a high volume of high-quality traffic?

Of course you are. Let Black Diamond Leads ensure that you achieve your goals.

Increased traffic and ROI and decreased new customer acquisition costs can only be achieved by having a substantial online reach — and that’s precisely what Black Diamond Leads offers our Advertising clients.

Black Diamond Leads’ Advertising clients have complete access to our full-service network. We feature the tools and open communication necessary to achieve dynamic results. We deliver high-quality and high-quantity sought-after traffic—which translates into maximum results for our Advertising clients. Our focus for Advertisers is on low-cost, high-volume, quality performance; with constant client communication and transparency.

Overview of Benefits for Advertisers

1. Access to New Customer Segments
Black Diamond Leads maintains countless Publisher relationships, buys a huge volume of online media, and builds inventory and customers by working closely with our partners. This helps our Advertising clients tap into ad inventory for placement in channels like email, searches, banners, text links, cross-sells, and affiliate networks. We deliver previously unreachable segments to our Advertising clients.

2. Superior Lead Generation, Validation, and Maintenance
Black Diamond Leads guarantees successful closures and repeat business with our lead generation, validation, and maintenance processes.

Lead generation
Well-timed, quality leads—and lots of them—are the foundation of online marketing strategies. Black Diamond Leads thoroughly and cost-effectively educates our team on our clients’ products and sales objectives. After we identify strategies to maximize response and branding for our clients, we cultivate lead campaigns on our secure proprietary systems—generating and distributing the highest quality leads and allowing us to host our clients’ offers and provide data in real time. We only match our Advertising clients with the most qualified Publishers and our network enables precise and purposeful online message delivery.

Lead Validation and Maintenance
There’s nothing worse than a so-called lead that’s actually a dead end. Black Diamond Leads couples technology and forward-thinking strategies to ensure legitimate, untainted leads. Our service features include address, phone, and email validation.

3. No Start Up Costs and Flexible Integration
Black Diamond Leads’ platform allows integration with no headaches. We adapt our system to your existing platforms without any start up costs.